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Driving Emotion

Hankook Tire’s premium brand, Hankook

Hankook, Hankook Tire's top premium brand explores driving innovation built upon cutting-edge technology to redefine the mobility landscape of the future.

A special experience beyond mobility, Driving Emotion

‘Driving Emotion’, designed to progress beyond simple movement into creating unique experiences in our daily life, portrays Hankook Tire’s commitment towards providing the best-in-class driving experience on account of the driver’s emotion.

Through a variety of activities associated with the core concepts of High Technology, Future Innovation, and Premium Brand, we unveil the unprecedented Driving Emotion to the world.

High Technology

Leader of the mobility industry of the future

Along with the advancement of mobility technology, the tires will continue to grow ever more important as the key components of driving. Hankook Tire will offer a remarkable experience in which the car and the driver will unite as one with its innovative, cutting-edge tire technology to redefine the mobility industry of the future.

Hankook Tire & Technology-Driving Emotion-High Technology, A Leader in the Future Mobility Industry
Future Innovation

The challenge of new opportunities

Even in the mobility landscape of the future where vehicles and all objects are interconnected, tires can provide the most accurate key driving information to create a completely new experience. To this end, Hankook Tire rises to the challenge of new opportunities, going beyond the limits of current tires in various fields.

Hankook Tire & Technology-Driving Emotion-Future Innovation, Explore New Possibilities
Premium Brand

Innovation to reshape everyday 'mobility'

To make every moment of travel with Hankook Tire more special, we work in collaboration with global premium brands and engage across various marketing activities, thereby planting the value and meaning of Driving Emotion in everyone’s life.

Hankook Tire & Technology-Driving Emotion-Premium Brand, Innovation to Transform Daily 'Mobility'

High Technology

Electrified, Hankook

Even in EVs, which have emerged as the key to future mobility, driving remains significant as the essence of tires. From comfort and relaxation as well as the pride of enabling the ultimate performance of vehicles, the innovative sensibility felt while traveling in EVs completes the true essence of driving.

Hankook Tire's EV tires do not only support heavy load compared to conventional tires but also offer the friction and grip force of a higher standard to deliver powerful acceleration to the road surface without any loss. They are technology-intensive tires that come with low-noise technology as engine noise has disappeared.

Furthermore, we have launched the 'Electrified, Hankook' campaign to allow our customers to learn Hankook Tire's cutting-edge technology, quality, and eco-conscious policies for EVs that will shape the future of mobility. As a reliable partner of global premium EVs and an overwhelming leader in the EV tire market, we spread our message beyond technology to the world.


Motorsports provide us with the thrilling fever of dashing cars. However, it is also a venue defined by grueling challenges for tires to consistently push beyond their limits under extreme driving conditions.

As a sponsor of a variety of motorsports competitions at home and abroad, we race towards the great potential of tires. We stand witness to the stunning records of all drivers across the world to create a new chapter in the driving culture.

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Future Innovation

Design Innovation

Hankook Tire is always at the center stage of future driving brought by Design Innovation. Design Innovation is our global innovation project geared towards studying the future driving trends and proposing a wide range of mobility options.

Built upon our firm design philosophy of ‘the essence of mobility begins with tires’, we bring innovation to driving that begins with tires. From the development of concept tire in 2012 to the proposal of a mobility concept suitable for the future smart city with the ‘Urban Reshaping’ environment in 2022, the company is redesigning the future driving.

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Premium Brand

Sports Sponsorship

UEFA Europa League

Since 2012, Hankook Tire has been an official sponsor of the 'UEFA Europa League', the largest tournament for European football clubs. The spirit of ‘Winning Innovation’, the very source of Driving Emotion, will give life to the stadium full of players with a burning passion and a thunderous roar of spectators.

Brand Collaboration

End-of-Life Tire Upcycling Project

Hankook Tire launched a project to recycle waste tires, which are generated every year in billions of units, in order to create a sustainable future for all together with our customers. As the first step of that, Hankook Tire collaborated with Musinsa's shoe brand, YASE to carry out the ‘Upcycling Shoes Project’ to recycle waste tires in 2021. In 2022, Hankook Tire collaborated with tire upcycling shoe brand 'Tread & Groove' to introduce recycled sneakers 'HK Groovy' by applying waste tires to the sole (outsoles) of shoes. Hankook Tire will continue to make meaningful progress in considering the future of the global environment together with various shoe brands.


Hankook Tire X YASE 'Upcycling Shoes Project'


Hankook Tire X Tread & Groove 'Upcycling Sneaker Production Project'

Premium Fashion Collection

As a part of our brand build-up activities, Hankook Tire is collaborating with a variety of different brands so that many customers can experience the Hankook brand in more diverse environments as well as when purchasing tires.

Together with SYSTEM, a chic mood casual brand, the company introduced the '22 FW New Movement Collection, a new interpretation of Hankook Tire's leading image of High Technology, Premium, and EV tires as fashion.

This premium line reinterprets the innovative, high-performance brand image of Hankook Tire, which became the official sponsor of Formula E, the world's largest electric vehicle racing competition, into a free and wearable look.

In the future, the company will continue to carry out new and diverse activities so that many customers can enjoy a more diverse brand experience.