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Our advanced tire technology for a safer and more convenient ride extends further into innovating ‘driving emotion’

Performance Vehicle Tire




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Future Mobility


Performance Vehicle Tire Technology

Driver safety is our top priority. To offer the ultimate driving experience and fully explore the on/off-road performance, our research extends well beyond tires.

Flagship Product

Hankook’s Tire’s Ventus – ultimate performance.

Ventus Product

Proven Technology

Ventus tires have been chosen as Original Equipment tires by global leading premium car manufacturers, gaining worldwide recognition for their technological prowess.

i-Segment Technology

In each and every moment, new mobility options and new concepts of moving around continue to be rolled out. To ensure a driver’s safe and convenient arrival at his/her destination under any circumstances, we continue to pioneer a wide spectrum of innovative technologies for the innovative segment, among others, in line with the changing times.

Since quieter and less-vibrating tires offer a more comfortable driving experience, our research drills deep into the details on the sound of tires. Our sound absorber technology brings into play the varying aspects of technologies, ranging from pattern construction and design to special materials, to reduce road noise in a tire and absorb the shock generated, offering a quieter and more comfortable ride.

  • Pitch structure

  • Pattern groove

To offset the ordeal of unexpected flats, the Hankook Runflat System (HRS) has reinforced the sidewalls of its tires to ensure their peak performance. This means that the tire retains its shape even with drops in internal air pressure. In fact, with our runflat tire technology, a punctured tire is still able to travel a good 80 km or more at up to speeds of 80km/h.

So long as a vehicle is fitted with our tires, one need not worry about nails, broken bottles or other sharp objects along the path. When a tire is punctured by external shock, the layer of special sealants in our Sealguard tires fills in the hole and effectively prevents air from escaping. Any object-induced punctures 5mm in diameter or smaller are instantly sealed to ensure hassle-free mobility even in the event of emergency.

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

Electric Vehicle Tire Technology

EVs are central to the unfolding path towards future mobility.

EV Tires

Electric vehicles (EVs) weigh considerably more and measure a stronger power output than internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). Therefore, without reinforced loading capacity, grip force, and dramatically reduced noise, EVs cannot drive in optimum conditions. Hankook Tire remains dedicated towards developing advanced technologies to produce the best-in-class EV tires.

EV exclusive tire iON

Hankook introduces the world's first full line-up of exclusive tires for EVs With continuous technological innovation for electric vehicles.

  • Evolutionised to perform more

  • EVolutionized to perform and last

  • Evolutionised to perform more in winter


The world’s eyes are fixed on the tire performance that goes far beyond imaginable limits. Hankook Tire has been named the official tire supplier for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the most precious EV race, and has also partnered with many global leaders in the EV industry for joint R&D.


Future Mobility Technology

Adding fun and appeal in imagining what’s possible beyond tires, we transform future mobility into reality.

Mobility Trend

Airless tires which offer a safe ride, easy maintenance, and sustainable technology all began with our creative imagination for future mobility.

Airless Tire

Unlike ordinary tires, airless tires do not require air pressure and are, therefore, also referred to as air-free fires. With these innovative tires with no air, you don’t ever have to worry about flat tires again. Our game-changing technology in structural design enables a robust, yet dynamic driving experience.


Learn more about the benefits of airless tires that are non-existent in ordinary tires.


  • Minimized tire puncture risk

    Airless tires use the structural concept that enables weight support without any air pressure and they are less likely to go flat.

  • Increased traction force

    The multidirectional traction of airless tires delivers a progressive response to a wide variety of trajectories.


  • Improved ease of tire maintenance and management

    Airless tires require no maintenance due to the absence of air pressure and maintains even wear patterns to increase the driving range.

  • Increased ease of the changing tires

    It is quick and easy to remove and mount a tire due to its structure.